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MDVIP is the largest membership-based primary care model in the United States, with 350,000 patients and more than 1,100 physicians nationally.

MDVIP is a national network of more than 1,100 primary care physicians who see fewer patients so they can spend more time with the patients they have and focus on prevention. Patients pay an annual fee for the MDVIP Wellness Program, which includes advanced tests and screenings not typically covered by Medicare or commercial insurance. Ten peer-reviewed, published studies show patients in MDVIP-affiliated practices have better health outcomes from fewer heart attacks and strokes among high-risk patients to lower hospital, ER and urgent care utilization to better control of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Patients not only enjoy better health outcomes but studies estimate the model has saved the healthcare system hundreds of millions over MDVIPs two decades of operation 

MDVIP believes in the power of prevention-focused primary care. Founded by actual primary care physicians, our innovative model has demonstrated that it can improve lives through a better healthcare experience and lower costs related to chronic disease, acute cardiac incidents and healthcare utilization. This model of care also allows both patients and physicians to engage with each other to form better doctor-patient relationships, which studies show are key to better health outcomes. Primary care doctors practicing in the model have higher levels of satisfaction than traditional primary care doctors; patients are also highly satisfied97 percent vs. 58 percent in traditional practices. With a focus on prevention, MDVIP-affiliated practices model their approach to medicine on the principles by which primary care was intended. 

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