Partner Profile: Everside Health

Everside Health is one of the nation’s largest direct-to-employer advanced primary care providers, giving 24/7 provider access to patients both virtually and through in-person health centers.

Everside Health’s value-based care model prioritizes patients over quotas. We provide affordable, accessible, and convenient primary care through employer-sponsored health benefits to more than 635k working Americans across 34 states, many of whom live in rural communities that have historically lagged in healthcare access. We are patient-focused and technology-driven, with frictionless in-person and virtual health center access for employees and their dependents. We support our care teams to ensure they have smaller patient panels and 30+ minute appointment times with each patient, which lets our providers treat each person as a whole, not just their symptoms.

Everside Health’s corporate vision is to build the world’s most desired, accessible, and personalized healthcare experience alongside our members and clients; we believe this is achieved through improved primary care access. Our nationwide partnerships with employers, benefits funds, and unions bring the conversation back to effective preventive care and its role in avoiding costly downstream claims and worsening health outcomes. Much of our partnerships are PMPM-based, meaning a flat fee for employers and low to no copays for employees. By providing convenient onsite and near-site health centers that are close to home and work—alongside virtual care, including for remote populations—our model includes 24/7 access to a trusted provider.

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