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Elation was founded in 2010 by siblings Kyna and Conan Fong to empower primary care doctors to deliver phenomenal patient care and is currently the largest and most trusted EHR platform for independent primary care, with 20,000 clinicians caring for 12.8 million patients and scaling every day.  

Elation Health is a clinical-first EHR purpose-built to power all aspects of timely, informed, personalized care to drive success in primary care and in the evolving healthcare payment landscape. EHR technology can take on so much more work for clinicians to help them reduce overhead and allow them to focus on their craft if done right. These systems need to be accountable to clinicians and match the way they care for patients. Technology should support rather than frustrate so that clinicians can focus on building the kind of trusted provider-patient relationships we know are essential to better health outcomes, without dealing with the hassles of getting paid, at a price point that independent doctors can afford. The key is putting the clinician and patient experience first. Elation also has an open architecture that enables innovation in primary care, to create an exceptional primary care experience through an optimized digital ecosystem.

Operating on the front lines of healthcare, primary care providers are uniquely positioned to serve as the keystone of a modernized, high-functioning healthcare system that can enhance patient care and reduce healthcare costs. We believe the world will be a better place when: 

  • Independent primary care physicians are paid fairly for delivering high-quality care, 
  • Technology enables, not disrupts, the craft of medicine and the sanctity of the provider-patient relationship, and  
  • Every patient has a primary care provider they trust. 

 The PCfA initiative gives Elation an opportunity to educate policymakers, their constituents, and influencers on the collective value and understanding of primary care to ensure legislative and regulatory action. Our mandate is clear: deliver a healthcare system that prioritizes Americans’ health. 

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