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ChenMed is the largest family-owned, physician-led primary care provider serving the neediest and most underserved populations with affordable, VIP care that delivers better health.

We believe the doctor-patient relationship is at the heart of good primary care. We’re mission-driven to restore that relationship by reinventing preventive, VIP care for seniors. Our doctors have 80% fewer patients on their panel than a typical doctor in America, allowing them the time to not only practice medicine, but also to coordinate the entire patient journey, tackling the social issues that undermine total health – from loneliness to transportation and beyond. As a total health quarterback for each of our patients, our doctors are leading the physician revolution and reclaiming their purpose – delivering patients longer, happier and healthier lives.

America’s healthcare system has been built on volume-based incentives. We believe this leaves many PCPs feeling drained of their purpose and unmotivated to do what it takes to get great patient outcomes. WE WORK DIFFERENTLY. Here at ChenMed, our high-touch, physician-led primary care model creates better outcomes, patient affordability, and improved health. We bear all the risk and accountability for service, quality and financial outcomes, putting physicians in charge of outcomes and patient experience, and delivering 33% fewer hospitalizations and ER visits for our patients. The current healthcare system is broken – our successful outcomes demonstrate that there is a better way: a deeper commitment and access for all to high-touch, PCP-led care teams that can better understand patients and coordinate their full healthcare journey. In short, we continue to prove the power of primary care. It is critical to our model that we continue to support efforts that address the physician shortage such as ongoing federally-funded residency training positions that target underserved communities like the ones we commit to serve. We need more doctors and we need them to be equipped to successfully operate in a value-based care environment so that patients get what they deserve – timely access to the quality care that they need. 

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