Partner Profile: Catalyst Health Group

As Texas’ largest clinically integrated network for primary care providers, Catalyst Health Network enables primary care to be the difference-maker in patients’ lives that it was always meant to be.

More than 1,000 primary care providers throughout Texas trust Catalyst Health Network to enable patient access and innovate the care delivery experience. Our work helps Network members aggregate and amplify the value of their role in patients’ lives. Our integrated care management solutions offer support for more than 1 million patients through each stage of their care journeys. Together with our Network members, we improve patient health and reduce overall costs in sustainable, scalable ways. In fact, over the course of the past seven years, we’ve generated more than $100 million in shared savings for our communities. 

How could healthcare be better if it focused on keeping people healthy instead of just treating them when they were sick? How can we help primary care providers rediscover joy and purpose in their work? Why can’t the financial incentives of healthcare match the fundamental goal of healthcare, which should be … health for all? That’s the work of Catalyst Health Network—creating waves of real change and real health through primary care. In collaboration with our Network members, our daily work empowers more:

  • patients to be able to access primary care
  • providers to deliver advanced primary care—a model of care delivery and engagement that focuses on quality and timing of interactions, not just the number of visits
  • investment in primary care as the clearest path toward the healthy future we all desire.

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