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agilon health is the trusted partner empowering physicians to transform health care in our communities by accelerating at scale the transition to a value-based, Total Care Model for senior patients.

agilon health is the trusted partner empowering physicians to transform health care in our communities. Through our partnerships and purpose-built platform, agilon is accelerating at scale how physician groups transition to a value-based, Total Care Model. agilon provides the technology, people, capital, and process and access to a peer network that allow physician groups to maintain their independence and devote the right amount of time to their most vulnerable patients. Together, we are creating the healthcare system we need – one built on the value of care, not the volume of fees. The result: healthier communities, and empowered doctors.

agilon health partners with physician practices groups and health systems in the movement to value-based care. Together, we have over 1,600 primary care physicians across 17 communities, providing care for an estimated 340,000 senior patients by the end of 2022. Our physicians are engaged in robust efforts in their local communities and at the state and federal level to educate policymakers about the importance of a robust primary care infrastructure and the challenges that face physicians, patients, and communities in particular the underserved. agilon health and its partner practices regularly author articles and blogs, speak at events, and engage directly with policymakers to educate about the importance of primary care and particularly, the role of global payment arrangements to improve quality and lower the cost of health care across the delivery system. Finally, fundamental to the founding of our organization is a strong, vibrant primary care workforce. agilon health and its partners are committed to pursuing policies that will support primary care practice’s ability to meet the needs of their patient populations, particularly as the population ages.

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